Photo: Natalya Shares Excitement For Future Amid WWE Contract Expiration Rumors

Former WWE Women's Champion Natalya has reached many milestones in the promotion while simultaneously carrying the legacy of the Hart Family for years. However, it now seems possible that the star might be opting not to renew her contract with WWE. Natalya recently celebrated her birthday and poured further fuel on the fire by claiming that she's excited for a vague next step of her life or career.


"Thank you for all the beautiful birthday messages. I've never felt more excited for what's ahead. Love you all"

Natalya has reportedly been offered a new WWE contract, but the star has yet to agree to anything yet. The "Queen of Harts" is supposedly keeping her options open, according to her representatives, and she has been working on numerous projects outside of the promotion, including a potential Hart Family biopic. Based on the renewed interest in wrestling stories after the Von Erich family biopic, "The Iron Claw," this could be a lengthy project for the WWE Superstar, thus resulting in less time for wrestling.


At this stage, there isn't any concrete information on Natalya's next move, which leans toward the star keeping her options open, but only time will tell. The veteran could simply be referring to the next phase of her life, seeing as she turned 42. Still, considering that she's not been in any major main roster storylines for a long time, she might step back from in-ring competition and into a backstage role like coaching or producing.