Dave Meltzer Provides Backstage Update On AEW's TV Deal

Fresh off the success of Double or Nothing 2024, the talk surrounding AEW's media rights deal is heating up. The company has already been in negotiations with its current partner, Warner Bros Discovery, who has reportedly offered a deal to AEW President Tony Khan. However, Khan reportedly isn't impressed with the deal that WBD has presented. While WBD has made it clear that the company would like to keep AEW programming — especially since the current deal with the NBA is set to expire — Meltzer touched on some more details about what the next steps could be on "Wrestling Observer Radio." 


"The exclusive timeframe [with WBD] is coming up pretty soon, it's not far off anymore," Meltzer said. "He can start talking with people somewhat soon. I mean, as far as what interest level there would be, it's hard to say. I mean, the show does better than most shows on cable TV."

Meltzer explained that if AEW does sign a new deal with WBD within the current exclusivity window, it should become public knowledge very soon. However, if Khan decides to shop AEW around to other networks and stations, people might have to wait until the end of the year. 

With that said, AEW is set to receive more money in 2024 than the company would have been given in 2023. "The number this year is significantly up from last year as far as what they're getting," Meltzer added. "From there, obviously WBD doesn't want to spend a lot more, and AEW probably wants to get a lot more. AEW's future in many ways, future as far as profitability goes, or level of profitability, is completely dependent upon this."


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