Why Booker T Thinks WWE World Heavyweight Champion Damien Priest Has Earned His Spot

Since joining WWE in 2018, Damian Priest has been on a steady rise, building to his World Heavyweight Championship win at WWE WrestleMania 40 last month. Speaking on a recent edition of "The Hall of Fame," WWE star Booker T explained what he sees in Priest that makes him confident his position is well-deserved.


"Damian Priest wasn't the guy that was touted to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion," Booker said. "One day, I think they saw Damian Priest as that, but I think Damian — when they put him in Judgment Day, he grew at an enormous rate."

The "WWE NXT" commentator stated that you can directly see the ways in which Priest has improved since joining The Judgment Day in 2022. Priest might not be an awe-defying performer but Booker believes he is someone that can be trusted to succeed in almost any situation he's thrust into.

"He's gonna be there every time," Booker continued. "Is he gonna be able to go out and perform each and every night at the highest level? Yeah. That's what the business is gonna be looking for in a champion."


Booker then compared Priest's work ethic to that of John Cena, who is often cited as one of the hardest working WWE performers in the modern era. While the wrestling veteran believes performers are often given things in the industry, he shared his belief that Priest has worked hard to gain the respect of his co-workers and the higher-ups at WWE, making them confident that he can carry the company's banner as the World Heavyweight Champion.

"Damian Priest — he's definitely earned this spot," Booker stated. "I told him he was gonna get there."

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