WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Offers Advice To AEW's Will Ospreay

The 2024 AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view opened with an International Championship match between Will Ospreay and the defending titleholder Roderick Strong. Despite the repeated interferences from Strong's Undisputed Kingdom stablemates, Ospreay remained resilient, and eventually emerged victorious to win the International Championship. Coming off this AEW Double or Nothing match, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has now offered some in-ring advice to Ospreay, emphasizing that his statements were merely intended to help "The Aerial Assassin" going forward. 


"I noticed, when I watched the match, especially when I watched it back, that Ospreay is, as much as [Dave] Meltzer puts him over, he has a tendency to throw bad, rushed punches to keep that speed," Nash said on "Kliq This," "Like everything is about that speed and about that pace and that rhythm. If you're out there, Will, slow the f*** down."

"Watch Shawn Michaels," Nash continued. "Shawn Michaels made his punches count. Watch Shawn throw those punches, especially against somebody like Scott [Hall], a bigger guy. Shawn's punches look like they could hurt you. So slow those down. You can still, because you can motor so quick off with step and a half, if you get cut off and thrown off the ropes, you can still motor and do everything. It's not going to slow the match down, it's going to make your s*** more believable."


Following his win at Double or Nothing, Ospreay is now focused on restoring the prestige that was previously associated with the International Championship. To do this, Ospreay aims to, like its name implies, defend the International Championship against competitors from all over the world, such as CMLL and NJPW.

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