Trent Beretta Joins Don Callis Family On AEW Dynamite After Orange Cassidy Declines

You could barely hear Don Callis over the raucous boos as he offered Orange Cassidy a contract on this week's episode of "AEW Dynamite". Detailed in the contract was a peculiar opportunity: the chance to join the Don Callis family. In the end, it was not Cassidy that found himself entangled in the Callis clan, but an old friend-turned-nemesis: Trent Beretta.


After Cassidy took his sweet time tearing up Callis' contract, Callis attempted to berate Cassidy to accept his offer. The two were interrupted by Kris Statlander and Stokley Hathaway, and the latter wasted no time in proclaiming his unadulterated, undiluted hatred for Cassidy. Statlander picked up where Hathaway left off, and proclaimed that she would accept Callis' offer on her "best friend's" behalf.

Any confusion as to who Statlander was referring to was quickly cleared when the camera panned to reveal Beretta in the corner, teeth bared like a predator. Beretta attacked Cassidy in bloodlust, and floored the former AEW International Champion. Callis and Beretta cemented their partnership with an embrace in the middle of the ring, with Beretta's foot pinning a bloodied Cassidy onto a scarlet canvas.


Beretta and Cassidy have been feuding since April, when Beretta floored Cassidy following a loss in the AEW World Tag Team Tournament. While some had interpreted Beretta's recent Double or Nothing loss as a sign of a long-term departure, it seems that Beretta — now with Callis' support — will continue his revenge plot against his former Best Friend.

Statlander and Hathaway appeared later during the show to interrupt an injury update on Cassidy. Statlander expressed her disdain for "cleaning up [others'] messes", and it can be assumed that she is adopting a new heel persona. As of writing, it is currently unknown whether Statlander and Hathaway are also affiliated with the Callis family, or if they are simply turning heel with no planned long-term connection to Callis and Beretta.