Will Ospreay Lays Out His Mission With AEW

After defeating Roderick Strong at AEW Double or Nothing and becoming the new AEW International Champion, Will Ospreay has revealed what he'd like to accomplish long-term in the company from a business standpoint.


Ospreay has wrestled in various countries outside of North America including Japan, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and has built a name for himself in several smaller professional wrestling markets throughout his career. Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, Ospreay expressed using his international influence to help AEW host shows overseas. 

"I mean, my mission is I'd like to take AEW a little, like, global. I feel like we could look [at] All In and see what a huge success that was like 81,035 people, man, that's nothing to be sniffed at. What more can we do? There's a market in Australia ... I [had] done a show in France for a company called Rixe and there was, like 1,500 people there just to see me, that's a big number just for me. What if you had the entire crew? What if you had everybody like, obviously, you got that. I want to go back to Japan I'd like to bring AEW there ... if we could do Australia, I'd love to do that, man. I just want to take AEW everywhere just because I feel like there is such a niche market right now, in every country there is a market for it so why do we not explore it."


Ospreay also has a mission to add some more gold to his resume as he mentioned at the AEW Double or Nothing post press conference that he plans on entering the Owen Hart Cup and earning an opportunity at the AEW World Championship. 

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Adrian Hernandez with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.