Ethan Page Denies Reports He's Signed To WWE In Social Media Video Following NXT Debut

Former AEW star Ethan Page shocked the world on May 28 when he made a surprise appearance on "WWE NXT" attacking NXT Champion Trick Williams. Page left All Elite Wrestling earlier this year after his contract expired, and seems to have found himself in a brand new least for now. The day after "WWE NXT" aired, Page took to his X (formerly known as Twitter) account to reveal that, despite rumors suggesting otherwise, he hasn't actually signed with WWE.


"Everybody saw what I did last night, literally everybody. We're talking millions of views across all social platforms, that's pretty heavy. I'd even say that's a bit of buying power for Ethan Page, especially because, contrary to popular belief, Ethan Page is not signed to any company, or any contract, and I'm going to just assume that Trick Williams would love to get a little payback and revenge on Ethan Page. So NXT, I'm going to leave this one to you, ball is in your court, and 'All Ego' is all ears. I'm going to assume someone in that company has my number, I'll wait for the call."

Page has also gloated on social media about how he 'whooped that trick' with the intention of baiting the NXT Champion into potentially putting his title on the line against the former AEW star. The upcoming June 4 edition of "WWE NXT" will be the final episode of the show before the NXT Battleground Premium Live Event takes place on June 9 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at the time of writing, a match for Williams' NXT Championship has yet to be booked. However, given how Page blindsided the champion this past week, WWE might want to consider keeping the former AEW star to be Williams' first title defense.