Chris Jericho Explains What He Wants From AEW's Next Media Rights Deal

All Elite Wrestling and Warner Bros Discovery have been engaged in media rights negotiations over the past few months. AEW has been part of the WBD family since 2019, and the Turner network overseers are eager to keep AEW on their roster after nearly five years of being one of its highest-performing programs. In a recent interview with "TMZ Sports," Chris Jericho stated that AEW deserves a good deal after everything they have done. 


"What I'd like to see, and we're getting down to the wire, is to get the deal that I know we've earned with the demos that we have," Jericho explained. "Being number one on cable or number one behind NBA and NHL which is on all of cable, and to secure the deal that I think we have earned, and then to really see where we can take it." Jericho believes that AEW is growing to the point where the company should be able to explore outside of the United States and Canada for future events, noting that outside of England, AEW has never travelled to places like Mexico, Japan, or Australia.

Like all wrestling companies, AEW has its detractors, some of which are extremely vocal in wishing that the company doesn't secure a new deal. However, Jericho believes that blocking out their critics, AEW is proof that hard work pays off. 


"It just goes to show like if you want to do something, don't listen to critics," Jericho explained, "just go do it...That's the only goal and lesson that I would ever try and tell anybody is if you want to do something, go do it."

Please credit "TMZ Sports" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.