Arn Anderson Opens Up About WWE Champ Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes might be one of the most popular babyface champions in recent WWE history, and he's celebrated by veterans like the Hall of Famer Arn Anderson. Speaking on his "ARN" podcast, Anderson praised Rhodes' current Undisputed WWE Universal Championship run and his general ability in the ring.


"The fact that he was appreciated to that degree by his company? I mean, that's a guy, if you own a wrestling company, why wouldn't you want him [as] a predominant player with your company?"

"The Enforcer" then went on to list the many qualities he sees in Rhodes, which he likely picked up on during their shared time together in AEW, where Anderson served as "The American Nightmare's" on-screen coach and mentor behind the scenes. "He looks the part, he's a gentleman, he's professional, he's a tremendous talent, he loves the business, he has a linage that's second to none –- you know, with his brother and his father –- I mean, all these positive things."

Anderson also explained that Rhodes is always willing to go the extra limit when it comes to his matches. "No question. 'Cody, you got 40 minutes in you?' 'Not a problem.' Everybody can't do that and continue to keep the level that you go to for a 40/45-minute match." 


The former Four Horseman also suggested that the top brass now appreciates having Rhodes back in WWE since his return at WrestleMania 38, and that it shows. "They know what they got; they're glad to get him back."

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