Shawn Michaels Details How TNA Star Jordynne Grace's WWE NXT Appearance Came About

TNA star Jordynne Grace will challenge NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez to a title match at NXT Battleground. WWE Hall of Famer and the VP of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels, has since revealed some details on how Grace's appearance came about. 


Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, Michaels explained that he wanted to bring some unexpected surprises to "NXT" while also feeling that his longtime WWE's Chief Content Officer, Triple H, owed him a favor for something that happened back at the Royal Rumble this past January. 

"What I enjoy doing is what we did last night, which is having the opportunity to bring real surprises and real like 'Oh my God' moments back to the WWE, you know back to wrestling, back to NXT, and that's what we had last night. I have been very public about being a fan of Jordynne Grace. I expressed to Hunter privately that I was very jealous that he had her for the Rumble, so that he owed me one; he owed me a big one. So look, we're thrilled to have her for Battleground and we're thrilled to have her next week."


Grace will go one-on-one with "NXT" star Stevie Turner next week before she challenges Perez for the Women's Championship on Sunday, June 9, from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Tommy Dreamer has some ideas on how Grace should be booked on "NXT," but it remains to be seen if his ideas will be considered.

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