Eric Bischoff 'Knew' He Wouldn't Miss Much, Cooked A Steak During This AEW DON Match

As a forty-year veteran in the professional wrestling business, Eric Bischoff has seen, and even put together, a vast array of in-ring stipulations. There is one type of match, however, that the former WCW President isn't particularly keen on – that being the ones of hardcore nature. As such, Bischoff recently noted that he momentarily stepped away from watching the Barbed Wire Steel Cage match that pitted Malakai Black against TNT Champion Adam Copeland at AEW Double or Nothing.


"I'm not a hardcore fan," Bischoff said on the "83 Weeks" podcast. "I could live without those matches, but again, that's me. I always have to preface that it's my taste. I guess cage matches, hardcore cage matches, barbed wire, whatever else they had, if that's your thing, that's what you like, then you're probably really happy with that match. I cooked a steak during that match. I came back and forth. I'd watch a couple minutes then I'd flip my steak, come back, because I eat my steak pretty much medium rare so it was really easy for me to step away. I knew I wasn't going to miss anything. I'd maybe miss another table, but other than that, I was good."

With the rule of no disqualifications and no count-outs in place, Copeland and Black utilized an arsenal of weapons inside the Barbed Wire Steel Cage, such as a table, a barbed-wire bat, a chair, and the cage itself. Ultimately, with the aid of a returning Gangrel, it was Copeland who emerged victorious. Copeland's victory, however, later came with a major drawback, as doctors confirmed that he had sustained a fractured tibia in the midst of the action.


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