Backstage News On Recent Departures From TNA Wrestling, Including Former Indie Star

There has been another twist in the tale of TNA Wrestling in 2024 as the company has seen a number of high-profile departures over the past few days.

"PWInsider" reported on May 30 that longtime creative director David Sahadi was let go by the company after 18 years of service, with RD Evans, the man who was considered the head of creative over the past few months, also following Sahadi out the door.


"Fightful Select" has learned more details about both departures. In the case of Sahadi, "Fightful" confirmed "PWInsider's" report that he was let go by Anthem Sports and would be replaced soon. As for Evans, he reportedly left the company of his own volition after growing frustrated with the company in recent weeks. However, an email was reportedly sent out to everyone in the company thanking Evans for his work with TNA and that he had handed in his notice.

The other high-profile departure was Lou D'Angeli, the now former Vice President of Marketing at Anthem Sports as part of TNA, who many fans of ECW Wrestling will remember as Sign Guy Dudley and later Lou E. Dangerously. Both "Fightful" and "PWInsider" were told that D'Angeli did a lot of good work in TNA, with the former ECW star being one of the primary reasons why CM Punk was linked to the company over the past few years, as well as helping Trinity Fatu, known as Naomi in WWE, join the company. 


"Fightful" was also informed of another departure in a similar department to those who have already left, with all of the recent exits being down to Anthem Sports wanting to go in a different direction for their live event markets. These names join the likes of Scott D'Amore as high-ranking personnel who have been let go so far this year.