Sonya Deville Details Relationship With Former WWE Star Mandy Rose

Sonya Deville and former WWE Star Mandy Rose previously teamed as Fire and Desire. They originally formed in 2017, until the two split up three years later during the pandemic after Deville betrayed Rose and partnered with former WWE star Dolph Ziggler to create tension between Rose and Otis, who were in a romance storyline together. Deville has shared her thoughts on the chemistry she had with Rose as a tag-team partner and as an opponent.


Speaking on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Deville expressed her admiration for Rose, stating how much she enjoyed working with her on-screen. However, she also explained how she often felt Rose gained more opportunities than her in WWE, which led her to mix their feud with real-life. 

"It was real, a lot of it was real. We're best friends, we're like sisters, we love like sisters, we fight like sisters. And so much of it was I had felt that Mandy had gotten opportunities in the ring because she had a certain look and I didn't have that, and so did I truly feel like that to my core? No, but there was part of that I could definitely play off of... I love her so much and there's so much friendship there and there's so much history there, and so I think when you trust the person you're out there with and there is so much love, it's easy to kind of emulate any emotion." 


Rose was released from WWE in 2022 after several officials within the company became uncomfortable with the suggestive content she was posting on her Fantime subscription service. Meanwhile, Deville has just returned to WWE after suffering a torn ACL which kept her out of action for 10 months. 

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