How Eric Bischoff Would Have Handled MJF's Return To AEW

After nearly half-a-year off television, MJF made his long-awaited return to AEW at Double or Nothing 2024. The unadvertised moment undoubtedly pleased the Las Vegas crowd and pay-per-view audiences, but does prompt the question: could the moment have been saved for TV, especially with "Dynamite" ratings reportedly on the decline? As someone who's produced hundreds of hours of "WCW Nitro," Eric Bischoff had a few opinions on the matter, and talked about it on "83 Weeks."


"You want people to be conditioned to believe, as best you can, that when you get a pay-per-view, you're going to get more for your money than you expected," Bischoff said. "So I understand bringing MJF back on a pay-per-view. [But] I would not have used the pay-per-view as the inciting incident to reignite that story [with Adam Cole]. I would've done it on television."

At the end of the pay-per-view, MJF seemingly picked up where he left off with Adam Cole prior to his five-month hiatus. After delivering a low blow and brainbuster suplex to Cole, MJF cut one of his trademark vitriolic promos and seemingly declared that he will be remaining under contract with AEW for quite some time. Bischoff said all that was fine and well, but it would've been better suited for TV.


"I would've gotten people hooked on the story," Bischoff said. "As opposed to just coming out and taking care of business and making a strong promo on a pay-per-view. So no, I would've built it on TV. I would've had MJF come out, and now start building it on TV. I just wouldn't have done it all in one night... Not necessary, and a waste. And you're not going to get the most out of your story and your talent that way."

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