Gangrel Talks Reuniting With Former WWE Faction At AEW Double Or Nothing 2024

Wrestler and adult film director Gangrel reunited with his former Brood teammate Adam Copeland at AEW Double or Nothing. After years of Copeland invoking The Brood in his darker moments, Gangrel emerged from under the ring to even the odds against The House of Black and helped Copeland retain the TNT Championship. On "Busted Open Radio," Gangrel spoke about reuniting with his Brood disciples.


"I think [Adam and I] were both tearing up," Gangrel said of the reunion the two men shared in Las Vegas. "It was a great moment. It was magical." According to Gangrel, despite the onscreen animosity between Copeland and his former Broodmate Christian Cage, the three men shared a moment backstage, only for Christian to quickly leave the locker room. "[We haven't been in the same place since] that WrestleMania in Dallas ... 6-7 years ago maybe. I can't remember which WrestleMania it was," Gangrel said, likely of WrestleMania 32. Gangrel had done an episode of Copeland and Christian's previous podcast. 

According to Gangrel, the entire appearance in AEW was kept very secret, to the point that even Chris Jericho was shocked to see the former WWE star. Copeland had pushed for Gangrel to be part of his darker turn in WWE before he left. Copeland invoked "Brood Edge" during his feud with Finn Balor, leading some to wonder if Gangrel would be involved. Despite using the original Brood theme song, Gangrel was never brought in by WWE, with Copeland's suggestions shot down at every turn.