Why NXT Champ Trick Williams Says He's Conflicted About New WWE Arrival Ethan Page

Last week on "WWE NXT," former AEW and Impact Wrestling star Ethan Page made a surprise debut, attacking NXT Champion Trick Williams and holding the title in the air. Ahead of a presumed response on tonight's "NXT," Willians made an appearance on "Busted Open Radio" and explained his thoughts on Page's arrival.


"I'm conflicted about the matter," Williams said. "NXT, we've come a long way ... from the 2.0 days, and we've put in a lot of work, and we built the show up to be what it is today. And if I'm talking about myself personally, I worked very hard to get my opportunities at this here title. I didn't take any shortcuts about it, and last week, we had a man named Ethan Page jump onto our brand and try to go straight to the top for the title. And I'm just not sure how I should feel about it."

While Page's appearance is almost certainly a positive for "NXT," it's understandable that Williams has mixed feelings on seeing the former AEW star appear on the show and immediately demand a shot at the top title. Nevertheless, it seems all but certain Williams will defend the WWE NXT Championship against Page in the coming days.


Since defeating Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship in April, Williams has yet to defend the title, though he has been involved in a feud against the Meta-Four. With the reveal that Page has been attacking the members of that group in recent weeks, he seems to have supplanted them as the top challenge to Williams' title reign.

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