Raven Recalls Paul Heyman's Unhappy Reaction To Him Leaving ECW

When fans try and put together their ECW Mount Rushmore, one man whose name gets brought up on more than one occasion is Raven. After a tough time in both WCW and WWE in the early 90s, Scott Levy found his true calling as the Raven character during Extreme Championship Wrestling's hottest period. The man in charge of ECW, Paul Heyman, had a reputation of cutting a few corners in order to get things done.


"Yeah Paul E. treated me well, paid me my money, yeah I love Paul E. you know?" Raven during an interview with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," looking back fondly on his ECW days. "I have nothing bad to say about him at all, I think I did my best work with him, I think he did some of his best work with me, except for the stuff he's done in the last 10 years, 20 years because I haven't seen it. But up to that point I think it was some of the best work he'd done."

As the business boomed in the late 90s, Raven would eventually jump ship to WCW, which led to tension in his relationship with Heyman. 

"My only bad memories were of when I left [ECW]," Raven recalled. "He was really upset with that and he really wouldn't talk to me for a couple of years, and that bothered me. Then we got past it." Raven would be granted his release from WCW in August 1999, returing to ECW on the company's first set of tapings of "ECW on TNN" just a few weeks later.


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