Dave Meltzer Addresses Future Of TNA Wrestling Following Recent Firings

There has been a series of huge shake-ups backstage in TNA over the past few weeks. At the end of May, David Sahadi, RD Evans, and Lou D'Angeli were all confirmed to be leaving the company immediately for a variety of reasons. Sahadi had been a creative director with the company for almost two decades, Evans was considered by many to be the head of creative, and D'Angeli was the Vice President of Marketing for TNA's parent company Anthem sports for many years, and with all of them gone, the question is very simple; what now?


Dave Meltzer spoke openly about TNA's situation on "Wrestling Observer Radio," stating that people within the company now have to sit and wait for the company's next move now that they essentially have no marketing or live events team. "They have no marketing team, they have no live events team, they have nothing booked after the first weekend of August, they have a taping booked in Tampa, there's nothing after that," Meltzer said. "What that means? I don't know. In theory, WWE sending them talent for the next pay-per-view in exchange for Jordynne Grace working three dates for them — for WWE ... Everyone is kind of waiting. They know something's up, but they don't know exactly what."

Meltzer noted that a lot of eyebrows had already been raised earlier this year due to the shocking departure of TNA President Scott D'Amore, a departure that happened less than a month after their Hard to Kill pay-per-view in January that was met with positive reviews from fans and critics. Meltzer rounded out by saying that he isn't sure what the future holds for TNA, but that the recent cuts are some of the biggest the company has made in a very long time.


Please credit "Wrestling Observer Radio" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.