Ex-WWE Star Alicia Fox Gets Candid About Wrestling Comeback

A year after announcing her departure from WWE, Alicia Fox (now known as Vix Crow) returned to in-ring action at the HER event, spearheaded by fellow WWE alumni Mickie James, in April 2024. Since then, Fox has wrestled on one other occasion – that being F1RST Wrestling's Hot Streak event on May 18. During a recent interview with "MuscleManMalcolm," Fox assessed her in-ring future, specifically the idea of joining another major wrestling promotion, such as AEW or TNA.


"Some days yes [I see myself joining one of them], some days no," Fox said. "I always think about Zack Ryder, and [how] he's able to just really work territories and I think that was just fun. That's what I find at Hatchet [Pro Wrestling School] is this nostalgic feeling of like when Kelly [Kelly] and I went to practice ... The Deep South girls, all these women have held hands of another woman somewhere, so it just is a very curious experience for me. But I think I'm better to do that when I can have more boots on the ground in other companies and meeting more women too. I think it's what I want to do because it makes wrestling more sweet."

As Fox alluded to, her early training days were accompanied by many future stars of WWE, such as Cody Rhodes, Kelly Kelly, CM Punk, and Maria Kanellis. Through her experience under WWE's developmental umbrella, Fox also met some talent, such as Angelina Love and Trenesha (Rhaka Khan in TNA), who later made waves in TNA Wrestling.


Amidst her ongoing comeback, Fox has taken on training from the likes of the Hatchet Pro Wrestling School and Booker T's Reality of Wrestling.

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