Tony D'Angelo Narrowly Escapes WWE NXT With Heritage Cup

The feud between The Family and the No Quarter Catch Crew continued on tonight's episode of "WWE NXT" as Tony D'Angelo successfully defended the NXT Heritage Cup against Damon Kemp. D'Angelo's title retention didn't come without some luck, though.


After gaining an early pinfall in round one, and evading being pinned in the second, D'Angelo entered the third round of competition with a 1-0 advantage over Kemp. In response, Kemp nailed D'Angelo with an explosive series of offense, including a clothesline, a double stomp, and multiple German suplexes. When time dwindled down to the final ten seconds, Kemp laid out D'Angelo with a Death Valley Driver. As the referee began to count, though, Kemp was faced with the realization that his pinfall attempt was just one second too late as the bell rang to signal the end of the respective round before the referee could complete the call of three.

Narrowly escaping a tie score, D'Angelo quickly responded with a spinebuster in the opening moments of round four to secure the second, and final, pinfall to retain his NXT Heritage Cup. With this win, D'Angelo marks the first successful title defense of his NXT Heritage Cup reign, which started with a victory over Kemp's stablemate Charlie Dempsey on the May 14 episode of "NXT."


Elsewhere on "NXT," TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Stevie Turner in her first ever match on the "NXT" brand. Meanwhile, the veteran performer Natalya defeated the former protege of Kiana James – Izzi Dame — in singles competition.