Kevin Nash Reacts To Highspot In AEW Double Or Nothing Cage Match

AEW Double or Nothing had a packed match card, and there was a lot of build for one of the matches, the clash between Adam Copeland and Malakai Black inside a Steel Cage. Unfortunately, Copeland sustained an injury after he jumped off the top of the cage.


In a recent episode of his "Kliq This" podcast, Kevin Nash commented on the move and compared it to Mick Foley's Hell in a Cell dive. 

"You should never do that. I'm telling everyone out there, please," he exclaimed. "I love Mick Foley to death. Mick Foley, what he did at Hell in a Cell, it was not a work, it was a stunt. We're not stuntmen, we're f**king workers."

Copeland has since criticized his own actions after updating fans about his current condition and confirming that he will be out for some time due to his injury. Nash disapproved of the AEW star performing the dangerous move, emphasizing that safety is paramount in the wrestling business. He also explained that denouncing it will not deter the younger generation from trying similar moves. 


"You're supposed to f**king leave the ring in the same shape you walk into it -– that's the beauty of the work," said the Hall of Famer. "You know what a young guy does when an old timer says it was stupid? Says, 'Yeah, of course, it was stupid, because you're 50.'"

Additionally, Nash also questioned why Black went through with the spot and noted how Copeland wouldn't have gone through with the move if he hadn't given the signal.

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