Bully Ray Addresses Idea Of WWE Champ Cody Rhodes With A Manager

Cody Rhodes recently mentioned wanting an on-screen manager to be by his side during his feud with Logan Paul, but WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray doesn't believe he needs one.

When "The American Nightmare" was a part of AEW, the legendary Arn Anderson was Rhodes' manager, and the two created some memorable moments, with Anderson firing up Rhodes when he doubted himself. Bully Ray, on "Busted Open," categorically stated that Rhodes doesn't need a manager currently on WWE television.


"I do not believe that Cody Rhodes needs anybody as his manager," declared Ray.

The Hall of Famer then explained how the storyline should pan out if Rhodes does get himself a manager. He also named an old-school manager who is the type of person that the Undisputed WWE Champion should have representing him.

"If Cody was to take on a manager, a la an Arn Anderson, I would really need to know why," said the tag team legend. "The one name that popped into my head that Arn Anderson reminded me of, would remind me of, if he were to manage Cody. Who would Arn remind you of, if he were to manage Cody? Arnold Skaaland."

Ray explained that he wouldn't want a manager talking on Rhodes' behalf like Anderson did in AEW, and would rather have a quiet manager like Skaaland. But, he once again reiterated why Rhodes' doesn't need someone to speak for him. He argued that everything is going smoothly for Rhodes right now and feels that he doesn't need anyone on his side.


"I'm an Arn fan, I understand what he was able to accomplish, you know, in AEW with Cody. I get their relationship there. I think that was more about nostalgia than anything else. I don't think Cody needs anybody," Ray ended.

Rhodes will likely face AJ Styles after "The Phenomenal One's" recent betrayal on "WWE SmackDown."