AEW's Thunder Rosa Explains How She And Britt Baker Are 'Married By Blood'

The rivalry between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker remains one of the most grueling and personal in All Elite Wrestling. Despite their differences, Baker and Rosa also remain etched in history as the first pair of women to main event an episode of "AEW Dynamite." This particular milestone was reached on the March 17, 2021 edition of "Dynamite," where Rosa and Baker competed in an Unsanctioned Lights Out match accompanied with tables, chairs, thumbtacks, and a ladder. During a recent interview with "Heal Squad," Rosa looked back on her bloody battle with Baker, as well as the significance it holds to her respective career.


"The [match] that pretty much set everything off and changed the trajectory of my career was the Lights Out match with Britt Baker," Rosa said. "That's the one because we changed the game in TV [and] in women's wrestling with the kind of match that we had. It was gruesome. There was blood; there was chairs. There was everything. We won match of the year, and we were probably the first ones in probably forever to win that. So I am married by blood with this woman forever because of what we did together."

The ending of the Unsanctioned Lights Out match saw Rosa send a busted-open Baker crashing through a table with a Thunder Driver to gain the win. At the time of this match, Rosa was still signed to the National Wrestling Alliance, effectively making her only a part-time AEW talent. Four months after making history on "Dynamite," though, AEW officially welcomed Rosa aboard as a full-time talent.


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