WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Looks Back On Hell In A Cell Match With Triple H

In the months following his 2003 return to WWE television, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash found himself immersed in a fierce feud with then WWE World Heavyweight Champion Paul "Triple H" Levesque. The culmination of this rivalry was set inside a steel cage, specifically Hell in a Cell, with Mick Foley serving as the special guest referee. On a recent episode of "Kliq This," Nash looked back on his grueling battle against Levesque at the 2003 Bad Blood pay-per-view, particularly focusing on the psychology surrounding it.


"I remember when [WWE officials] came to me and they said, 'We'd like you and Paul to have a Hell in a Cell.' I said, 'I'll have Hell in a Cell as long as it stays in the cell.' And then they said, 'This will f***ing suck. This will be a horrible match. We'll put Foley in as referee just to give it buffer.' And so I'm just [shaking my head]," Nash said. "The psychology of a f***ing cage match, especially one with a roof, and Paul has been running from me the entire angle, is for him to f***ing [face Nash one-on-one]. And I should have beat him. He could have turned around and beat me a week later. I should have beat him."

Elsewhere on the Bad Blood card, Levesque's Evolution stablemate Ric Flair faced Nash's ally Shawn Michaels in singles competition. As Michaels appeared to be closing in on victory, Randy Orton, another member of the Evolution, nailed Michaels with a chair, paving the way for Flair to capture a pinfall on Michaels for the win. Following their respective losses at Bad Blood, Nash noted that he and Michaels, who served as top babyfaces at the time, were then sent home upon their arrival to the venue for the fallout episode of "WWE Raw."


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