Backstage Details On WWE-TNA Relationship, Which Talent Might Be Next To Cross Over

Speculation has been mounting about TNA's working relationship with WWE ahead of Jordynne Grace's NXT Women's Championship challenge this weekend. The reigning TNA Knockouts Champion made her WWE debut as a Royal Rumble entrant in January, having since returned to "WWE NXT" to stake her claim for the title held by Roxanne Perez. She will challenge for the title at Battleground on Sunday in Las Vegas. A report from Fightful Select notes that Grace had made a great impression on WWE sources, serving TNA well as a representative and attracting immediate interest in bringing her back. 


TNA was also said to have expedited the process, with sources indicating an openness to continuing the working relationship which has turned out to be the case. Former TNA President Scott D'Amore and the company's Vice President of Business Devlopment, Ariel Shnerer, were credited for helping the process during the time of Grace's Royal Rumble appearance. News broke that D'Amore had been removed as President soon after her first appearance — a decision WWE reportedly had no prior knowledge of. However, it was noted that it had no bearing on the continuation of the relationship.

Fightful's report also included insights from several women on the WWE roster who have expressed interest in appearing in TNA, with one specifically believing that it would be a great opportunity to cross-promote and provide creative outlets outside of WWE's programming schedule. A higher-up in "NXT" reportedly cited Steve Maclin — formerly Steve Cutler in WWE — as a natural fit to cross over. Talent on the "NXT" roster are also said to have identified Leon Slater and Josh Alexander among the names they would be interested in working with should the crossovers continue.