WWE Star MVP Wanted Ricochet For The Hurt Business, Explains Why It Didn't Happen

During the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the shining lights in WWE was the formation of The Hurt Business. With MVP at the helm, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin dominated WWE programming, as Lashley would hold both the WWE Championship and United States Championship, while Benjamin and Alexander would become Raw Tag Team Champions, as well as holding the 24/7 Championship four times between the two of them. However, there could have been a fifth member of the group in the form of Ricochet. MVP took to X (formerly Twitter) earlier today to give a little bit of background on the formation of The Hurt Business, revealing that he actually wanted "The One and Only" in the group, but the powers that be prevented that from happening.


He wrote; "True story. When we were forming The Hurt Business, I asked for BOTH Ricochet AND Cedric Alexander. We were told we could only have 1. We chose Cedric because we felt he needed our association more than Ricochet did. I always thought Ricky O would be a big star on his own." Alexander's inclusion in the group came when his short-lived tag team with Ricochet crumbled, resulting in him attacking Ricochet (as well as Apollo Crews) in September 2020 to become the fourth man in the group.


Despite MVP picking Alexander over Ricochet, the high-flyer did find success, becoming Intercontinental Champion in March 2022, as well as WWE Speed Champion in April 2024. It seems as if the accolades will stop there, as it has been heavily reported that Ricochet will be leaving WWE in the coming weeks, with the June 10 edition of "WWE Raw" reportedly being his final televised appearance for the company.