Video: AEW Star MJF Shares Clip Of WWE's DIJAK Doing An Impression Of Him

AEW star MJF recently returned to the promotion after taking an extended hiatus, and has similarly made a full return to social media, where he's back to his usual antics. Friedman recently proved he's on friendly terms with WWE star Baron Corbin, but now it seems like he was able to grab the attention of DIJAK with an interesting throwback clip. A fan posed the question of what would happen if DIJAK and Friedman met in real life. DIJAK then responded to the fan, assuring him that they've met before and noted that there is a clip of him imitating Friedman on the internet. "We met like 500 times and wrestled numerous times. There's even a video where he caught me pretending to be him floating around somewhere."


Friedman then posted the clip, showing DIJAK in a bathroom during an event the two attended, giving his best impression of the future AEW World Champion. "Weird day."

DIJAK then responded to the clip, noting how surprised he was that Friedman still has the video. DIJAK and Friedman have never competed against or alongside one another on a big stage, but the two are clearly friends outside the ring based on how quickly they began to banter online. The two men might just clash one of these days if DIJAK ends up not re-signing with WWE, as according to a recent report, he's yet to come to an agreement with the company on a new deal. Despite this, DIJAK recently taped a match for "WWE Speed" where he faced Xavier Woods, so he is set for at least one more WWE show. Only time will tell if he remains with the TKO promotion, but the report on his status noted that there is a lot of interest in his services elsewhere.