Former AEW Star Jeff Hardy Returns To TNA Wrestling After Against All Odds Main Event

After a chaotic ending to a tightly-contested Broken Rules Match for the TNA World Championship that saw "Broken" Matt Hardy come up just short against Moose, it was only fitting that Brother Nero would make an appearance in the aftermath. Jeff Hardy, newly freed from his AEW servitude, hit the ring to make the save as Matt, his wife Rebecca Hardy, and their allies were outnumbered by The System, sending the TNA crowd into a frenzy.


"The Broken One's" efforts truly were barely pushed aside by the incumbent champion, who was dead to rights after a Twist of Fate with his head wrapped around a chair. But Alisha Edwards went nuts wielding a kendo stick to break up the pinfall attempt, which caught the attention of Rebecca, who ran down to the ring and hit Edwards with a Twist of Fate of her own. Her noble intentions, however, led directly to the match's finish as, with Moose primed for a Spear through a table in the corner, the champion pulled Reby into his place and Matt speared his own wife through the wood instead. Moose finished things off with his own Spear, hanging onto his championship, before the postmatch beatdown on Team Hardy ensued. The crowd seemed to anticipate some unadvertised help, chanting "Jeff" before Nic and Ryan Nemeth, along with Joe Hendry, came down to help, but it wasn't until that familiar Hardy theme song hit that the audience got what it was waiting for.


Jeff, whose AEW contract reportedly expired just today, and who last appeared for TNA/Impact in early 2017, cleared the ring of Moose's pesky System minions, and then hit a Twist of Fate on the champ for good measure, followed by Matt doing the same, and all of The Hardy Family, The Nemeths, and Hendry, celebrating with "delete" chants and raised hands as the pay-per-view went off the air.