WWE's Damian Priest Reacts To Claims That He's A 'Transitional' Champion

Damian Priest shocked the WWE Universe as he walked out of Glasgow, Scotland, still the World Heavyweight Champion after pulling off a huge upset at Clash at the Castle. With a little help from CM Punk, Priest retained his title over the home country favorite Drew McIntyre, cementing his reign with another defense. Speaking during the Clash at the Castle Post-Show, Priest relished in the fact he had upset the Glaswegians in attendance. 


"I think this was my favorite [crowd] just for the fact that they wanted me to lose so bad and I won," he remarked. "There is no better feeling than somebody telling you you can't do something and then shoving it down their throat. To me, this is — so far — my favorite place."

Priest then took aim at those who'd referred to him as either a paper or transitional champion, noting that he proved them wrong and has no intentions of giving up his spot any time soon. 

"Again, more things to shove down people's throats. Before I was a champ, 'You can't do it,' I did it. 'You can't hold it,' I held it. 'You can't beat Drew in Scotland,' I did it. He called me a paper champion, he said I couldn't beat him. Everybody thought I was going to lose. Damian Priest is the World Heavyweight Champion, the face of Monday Night Raw. Against all odds, against all hate, I'm the champ and I'm going to continue being the champ."


Priest's title run almost ended prematurely as a freak accident saw him hanging by his ankle from the ropes. There has been no formal update on whether he was significantly hurt but he spent the entirety of the match afterward favoring his other leg and barely planting it back down.

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