Bully Ray Analyzes CM Punk's Actions From WWE Clash At The Castle, Heel/face Alignment

Last Saturday at WWE Clash at the Castle, CM Punk made a surprise appearance as a replacement referee, attacking Drew McIntyre and allowing Damien Priest to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Though the animosity between the two goes back months, Punk's actions still weren't what you would usually see from a typical babyface, causing Bully Ray to break down the last few days on "Busted Open Radio."


"As of right this moment, is CM Punk a heel or a babyface?" Bully said. "Because what he did was pretty s***ty."

The WWE Hall of Famer then wondered if Punk was being presented as a "cool heel" onscreen. Both Bully and co-host Dave LaGreca conceded that it's ultimately up to fans to decide how they react to a performer, but as for his appearance during Clash at the Castle, Punk acted like a tried and true villain. However, Bully feels that the veteran wrestler will return to his position as the babyface in the story relatively quickly.

"What Punk did that night ... was strictly for that evening, to get them to move forward," Bully continued. "The babyface screwed over a heel, who was a babyface that night, just to move the story forward. And they got away with it."


Bully Ray Compares CM Punk To Howard Stern

Continuing to speak about Punk later in the show, Bully compared the WWE performer to iconic talk radio host Howard Stern. The "Busted Open" host feels both men share the ability to keep people talking.


"The average Stern fan listens to Howard Stern for ... half an hour a day, obviously because they like him," Bully stated. "The average Stern hater listens to Howard Stern for two and a half hours a day because they hate him. Why? Because they want to see what he has to say next. Punk is very much that type of personality, performer, entertainer. You want to hear what he has to say."

It seems fans won't have to wait long to learn more about CM Punk's current disposition. This week's "WWE SmackDown" will emanate from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and Punk is scheduled to appear. While it's not yet certain that he'll show up on TV, news about his appearance is sure to make the rounds either way. Although McIntyre "quit" during last night's "WWE Raw," it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise if the Scottish Warrior confronts the Straight Edge Superstar in Chicago on Friday.