WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Considers The Idea Of A Kliq Docuseries

As an important figure in both WCW and WWE during the Monday Night War era, Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has become a sought after voice when it comes to reliving the past. That's been the case again with the "Who Killed WCW?" docuseries on Vice TV, which Nash has participated in, even as he's given the series lukewarm reviews, while also admitting his heart wasn't exactly into the project.


Even still, the topic was discussed again on the latest episode of "Kliq This," this time with Nash and co-host Sean Oliver adding a little Kliq favor to the proceedings. Nash and Oliver discussed a story about Nash and the late Scott Hall confronting Eric Bischoff over the latter's firing of Kliq member, Sean Waltman from WCW, something Nash says wasn't that serious.

"It was all for effect," Nash said. "We just wanted our boy back. He goes...he went back, and...that was one of the things that...I would say it expedited our death, taking someone that was as talented, as versatile as he was. We were emotionally invested, because the five of us made a pact, and we kept it. You could say whatever the f**k you want to about that business, and we're liars and we're thieves. The Kliq wasn't. We took care of each other."


The Kliq talk led to Oliver asking if Nash would ever be interested in a Kliq docuseries. That answer appears to be no, both because, in Nash's view, The Kliq never had a rise and fall, and because the subject of the group, and their success in and out of it, has already been covered.

"I'm not over getting paid," Nash said. "I'm just over the fact that...I don't want to tell the same story 300 times."

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