Jim Ross Weighs Possibility Of AEW Crossover With WWE

As "WWE NXT" continues their successful crossover with TNA, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has provided his thoughts on the possibility of AEW ever being interested in a crossover with WWE. AEW stars such as Chris Jericho and World Champion Swerve Strickland have previously commented on working with WWE, as they have already participated in opening the Forbidden Door with NJPW, and are now witnessing several TNA stars not only make appearances but also compete on "NXT." On "Grilling JR," Ross explained that he thinks a crossover between both companies would be very difficult to achieve, but is hopeful that he's proven wrong, as it would be successful for the wrestling business. 


"It's hard to see it, but you know nothing's impossible apparently, but it's something I can't fathom right now. I think WWE will take in borders and renters for their space, but to keep them permanently might be a stretch, but I think it's a good idea. The wrestling fans, I've said this before on our show here, they like new, they like change, they like surprises ... I don't see extended partnerships, but and I hope I'm wrong because I think it's good for wrestling when you got new talent in and they're getting an opportunity, they're motivated they're skilled, it's good stuff." 

Ross also explained that he's enjoying the current climate of the wrestling industry, and believes there's plenty of opportunity for people to become bigger stars and make more money with the amount of promotions that are present in today's business. 


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