Chris Jericho Comments On Fans Wanting WWE And AEW Crossover

The concept of the "Forbidden Door" is nothing new when it comes to professional wrestling, but it has taken on a life of its own since AEW's inception — particularly due to their cross-promotional work with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. It has also led to fans wondering whether or not Tony Khan's promotion will ever work with WWE, especially now that Vince McMahon is no longer running things. In a recent interview with Howie Mandell, current ROH World Champion Chris Jericho talked up his boss, expanded on whether or not he sees WWE as competition, and discussed the possibility of an AEW/WWE crossover.

"So WWE for years had the monopoly on the sport," Jericho said. "And so my boss is Tony Khan, he was always a lifelong wrestling fanatic, and decided to start his own company. It's always great to have competition. So I mean obviously we're competition just by proxy — the fact that we're in wrestling. But we really don't look at it that way. They do what they do and we do what we do, and both are very successful."

Jericho became AEW's inaugural champion in August 2019 after defeating Adam Page, and has been a major player for the promotion since day one. Even still, he spent nearly 20 years with WWE, which is why many hold out hope that the two promotions will cross paths in the future. As it stands, it's even more of a rarity than fans may think.

"That's always kind of a wrestling fan's dream," Jericho continued when asked about whether or not they do cross promotions. "It'd be like DC versus Marvel, it's probably not going to happen. Now within our own little universes, we have crossovers with other companies in other countries, but WWE and AEW — no crossover."