Nic Nemeth & Tommy Dreamer Discuss Hype Around TNA's Joe Hendry On WWE NXT

With talent from outside locker rooms welcome to compete in this week's WWE NXT Championship number one contenders battle royal, TNA Wrestling's Frankie Kazarian and Joe Hendry seized the opportunity to surprise the "NXT" audience with their appearances. Hendry's arrival drew a particularly roaring ovation – one that he now claims to be captured in the most liked X video since WWE WrestleMania 40. On a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," fellow TNA colleagues Nic Nemeth and Tommy Dreamer weighed in on the continued hype surrounding Hendry's "NXT" debut.


"I was trying to piece together what everyone's thinking, like, hey is this as cool? Is this phenomenon catching on everywhere? Obviously, with the YouTube hits and likes and everything, it is," Nemeth said.

"People were like, 'Creatively, he got dumped out first in the battle royal. That's what we're going to focus on.' Are you joking? Him showing up in an NXT ring in the arena, having people know who he is, then the interaction with another TNA person he's in a story with on their show as they cross over, back and forth, and probably going to make whatever clip he was in the number one clip in NXT history at some point besides Shawn Michaels twerking or something, it's going to be number two. What an amazing thing."


Tommy Dreamer echoed similar sentiments regarding Hendry's outing on "NXT," pointing out that its success has extended beyond just the X (formerly Twitter) platform. On Instagram, the video of Hendry's debut has notably drawn over 260,000 likes, while the YouTube platform has elicited 630,000 additional views.

"It was what I crave, this burst of energy, this shock, this [feeling of] I can't believe I'm witnessing this," Dreamer said. "And I loved it. I loved it for him. I loved it for the wrestling fans. I loved it for TNA. I loved it for NXT."

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