Rey Mysterio Discusses Potential For Son Dominik To Become World Champion In WWE

Dominik Mysterio began his wrestling career nearly four years ago, debuting for WWE in 2020 and having the opportunity to work alongside his father Rey Mysterio within his first two years of being on the main roster. However, in 2022 Dominik left his father's side, turned heel and joined The Judgment Day as he aimed to succeed both as a singles and tag team star. Now, the "Master of the 619" has revealed if his son has what it takes to become WWE Champion.


Speaking on "Insight," Rey gave credit to Dominik for accomplishing more than expected in the first four years of his career, stating that he's on his way to becoming World Champion while also mentioning how he's been able to wrestle and learn from some of the very best in the business.

"Yeah, most definitely. Dom is getting really good at what he's doing and he's understanding the craft. The fact that he's where he's at with such little time, I wish I could be there, or I could have been there with four years of being in the business. I didn't know s**t at four years ... the fact that he's been able to be in there with the best; Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, John Cena. All these moments are moments that give you the ability to learn. So I think he's taken very well advantage of those moments and has added them to his career." So far, "Dirty Dom" has captured the NXT North American Championship twice as well as becoming a WWE Tag-Team Champion when he held the titles with his father for 63 days.


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