Bully Ray Explains Why He Was Scratching His Head At Opening Segment Of AEW Dynamite

The opening segment for this week's episode of "AEW Dynamite" saw MJF and International Champion Will Ospreay offer future matches to Buffalo native Daniel Garcia. In the case of MJF, his proposal centered around the AEW All In event on August 25. Ospreay, on the other hand, granted Garcia a shot at the International Championship and potentially the AEW World Championship, if Ospreay can first dethrone Swerve Strickland at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. On the latest edition of "Busted Open After Dark," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray revealed that this particular sequence of events left him scratching his head on both sides.


"Why in the world would MJF, one of the biggest stars in AEW, most certainly the biggest homegrown star, just randomly throw out the challenge right now for All In in Wembley, AEW's WrestleMania, AEW's biggest show?" Ray questioned. "It got a mild reaction at best for Daniel Garcia. If this wasn't in Buffalo, I think people would have completely s*** all over it. The only reason they even mildly popped for it is because it was in Garcia's hometown, and the hometown crowd wants to see the hometown kid get the opportunity against Max."

Much like MJF's, Ray felt that the timing of Ospreay's proposal for Garcia was random, in addition to being "forced." Regardless, Garcia will now challenge Ospreay for the International Championship on next week's episode of "Dynamite" in Chicago. Depending on the outcome of the upcoming AEW World Championship match between Strickland and Ospreay, the stakes for next week's Ospreay-Garcia match could be elevated even further, and give Garcia a chance to be a double-champion in AEW.


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