Bully Ray Discusses Paul Heyman's WWE SmackDown Segment, Commitment To Story

It couldn't have been a rougher night for one Paul Heyman this past Friday on "SmackDown." The "Wiseman" was brutally assaulted by Bloodline members Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Jacob Fatu for continuing to be loyal to the absent Roman Reigns, culminating in Heyman being put through the announcer's table. Even before that though, Heyman didn't look so hot, sporting a disheveled, bloodshot appearance, riddled with angst over Sikoa's actions over the past few months.


Reviewing Heyman's performance on "Busted Open Radio," his former employee Bully Ray praised Heyman for his commitment to his story and his character. The two-time Hall of Famer remarked that not enough performers are willing to do what Heyman did in the segment, and gave an inside look at how Heyman likely prepared himself.

"Wrestlers should learn from what we saw from Paul Heyman," Bully said. "Most do not know how to do that. Those are the little things that matter so, so much. It looked like Heyman hadn't slept in days. You know why? Because he hadn't slept in days. I guarantee you that Paul was averaging one to two hours of sleep a night for three to four nights. Probably put himself through that he;l to get his eyes where he needed them to be. 


"He also is a master of making himself cry. I know exactly where he goes mentally to do this also. That's how you get the welling up, that's how you get the redness, the bloodshot. It's easy to not shave. It's easy to not dye your hair. But when you bring all of that together, you get the look that we got from Paul the other night. And when great characters meet great story, you get great moments like we got in Madison Square Garden."

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