Billy Gunn Wants This AEW Top Guy For His Retirement Match

WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn has been in the wrestling business since 1989, finding success in multiple promotions over the course of 30 years while also accumulating 2000 matches to his name, however the 60-year old recently revealed which AEW star he'd choose to wrestle for his retirement match. Speaking with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight," Gunn spoke about the new talent that's appeared on AEW television throughout 2024 thus far, and named Will Ospreay as the man he wants to retire him in his final match. 


"I don't know what it is about that kid I love him, I tell everybody that's my retirement match," Gunn declared. "When I retire it's me and Will and he just said on some media scrum that he's in AEW to retire me, like his work really isn't me right, it's so opposite of me but I love him, he's good, he's very energetic, just the stuff he does is amazing he's so athletic and can do so much stuff but he has charisma with it and he and he's very good at that and I don't know, I just love that kid." 

Gunn also explained how he feels that the battle between himself and Ospreay could under-deliver because of the expectations there would be going into his retirement match, while also stating that he's not sure if he'd be able perform at the same level as "The Aerial Assassin." 


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