Billy Gunn Is Baffled By His Own AEW Popularity

AEW star Billy Gunn has been wrestling since 1989. And yet, 30-plus years later, he's riding a wave of popularity that few could've seen coming. Currently managing The Acclaimed's Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, "Daddy Ass" has taken on a life of its own — so much so that fans can buy official AEW merchandise that reads "Scissor Me, Daddy Ass." In a recent Happy Hour sit-down with Captain's Corner, Gunn remarked on his current run while noting how much fun he's been able to have lately.


"I have no earthly idea why I'm still a hot commodity," Gunn said. "I should be playing golf somewhere and retired." When sons Austin and Colten turned on their father, and in doing so effectively broke up the Gunn Club as fans knew it, Caster and Bowens came to his aid. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. In the months since, The Acclaimed have gone on to secure the AEW World Tag Team Championship with Gunn by their side. All the while, the veteran's popularity has continued to soar, with AEW fans across the country singing "Oh, Scissor me, Daddy." So while his days of running around with D-Generation X may be over, Gunn's love and appreciation for the fans has yet to waver — and he's savoring every moment.


"If there's one thing that's constant it's the fans," he continued. "Whether you like me or don't like me, they've always been there. My rollercoaster of life has peaked out, I'm having a blast. I'm having a lot of fun with Max and Anthony; they're good kids. My career doesn't get better, it can end today and I'll be fine. At this stage of my life I'm just having fun, and that's what I need to do. I've done the hard part."