AEW's Mercedes Mone Reflects On Fans Calling Her 'Unsafe' During WWE Tenure

Given Mercedes Mone's extensive success throughout her career, from seven WWE Women's Championship reigns to her current run as AEW TBS and New Japan Strong Women's Champion, it's hard to think of many lows. One such low came at a WWE live event in December 2017, however, when a kick Mone delivered to Saraya led to that led to the latter reinjuring her neck, forcing Saraya to enter retirement for the next five years.


The injury to Saraya subsequently led to Mone receiving criticism from some corners of the wrestling fanbase, along with accusations that she was an unsafe worker. Speaking with "Hot 97" last week, Mone revealed that the negative reaction had left her feeling really down on herself.

"I was so depressed by that," Mone said. " definitely sent me on a spiral of depression because...wrestling has always been my goal and dream, and I've always wanted to be the greatest at it. So to hear any kind of noise that people might not think you're wasn't even the boys in the back, it was the fans thinking 'You're not safe.' 

"It's scary sometimes, but that's the business we're in. You never know when you're going to get hurt, you never know when you're going to sprain something, break a neck, break a knee. It's just the business. You have to go out there, knowing you're going to put your life on the line. But we do everything we can to protect each other. And unfortunately that happened."


Ultimately, Saraya never has never held ill will towards Mone for the injury, and the two have remained on good terms since. Saraya has since also expressed interest in having another match with Mone, though the two have yet to interact since Mone joined AEW earlier this year.

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