WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Assesses Who Killed WCW In Wake Of Series

The subject of WCW and the cause of its demise has been dissected and analyzed over the last few months following the airing of the "Who Killed WCW?" series. An integral player during WCW's rise in the 90s, Kevin Nash, has discussed who killed the promotion following the end of the docuseries.


On his "Kliq This" podcast, Nash joked that he would take the blame for the decline of the promotion as no one is willing to own up to their mistakes, but then pointed out a few reasons.

"Because nobody wants to take the blame for anything, I'll take the blame for everything," Nash said. "Fact 1 is Turner has been convinced by the other tower [Turner executives], at the point his tower, his executives have convinced him that if this thing doesn't show profit it's got to be gone."

Nash said that the Turner executives were hoping that WCW would fail, and once viewership dipped, they cut WCW's budget.

"Then you go to Eric's [Bischoff] meeting, which he told me ... when he came out of that meeting, I saw him in his office and that's when he said that he was just, 'You're not going to believe this, they're cutting our budget and they're going to put a standards and practice guy in the booking room,'" said Nash. "They [Turner executives] were going to kill this one way or another."


The WWE Hall of Famer believes that Turner executives did everything to disrupt the company. He also hit back at suggestions that WCW not working as a team caused its decline, asserting that no pro wrestling locker room works as a team and that there are cliques everywhere. Nash also added that when he and Scott Hall left WWE for WCW, they didn't feel welcome in the WCW locker room, and things changed only after they began to draw money.