Kelani Jordan Defeats Sol Ruca, Retains NXT Women's North American Title At Heatwave

Kelani Jordan was successful in her first Women's North American Championship defense against friend Sol Ruca at NXT Heatwave in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Sunday. While Jordan first successfully retained against Michin on an episode of "WWE NXT," this was the first time the new championship was defended on a premium live event after Jordan climbed the ladder to win the belt at Battleground.


The pair of friends faced off in a high-flying, hard-hitting match that saw them fly outside of the ring multiple times. Jordan hit a poisoned rana onto Ruca, sending her rolling out of the ring. The champion followed it up with a moonsault off the middle rope, hitting Ruca on the outside. Ruca regained her composure and hit a moonsault of her own, and both women were laid out on the outside of the ring and barely beat the referee's 10 count. Jordan went up top to attempt a 630 splash, but Ruca got her knees up. Jordan countered a Sol Snatcher, but Ruca kicked out. Ruca had the champion up on her shoulders, but Jordan looked for the poisonrana once again, but was caught with a reverse Alabama Slam into the top turnbuckle.


Ruca went to the second rope with Jordan on her shoulders once again, but this time, Jordan was able to hit a second poisoned rana from the ropes, then followed it up with a split-legged moonsault to get the victory. In a show of sportsmanship after the match, Jordan held up her friend's hand in the middle of the ring.