WWE NXT Star Ethan Page Explains Why He Left AEW

Ethan Page is the WWE NXT Champion. Just over a month after his debut in the company, the former TNA World Tag Team Champion dethroned Trick Williams in a Fatal-4-Way without even pinning the champion. "All Ego"'s quick rise since joining WWE comes after he felt listless and redundant in AEW.


"It was definitely time to leave...I could sit in catering for the next three years and my career would end or I try and do something before my career ends," Page said on "Talkin' Shop," also admitting that it had been a lifelong dream to come to WWE, as so many of his childhood idols were WWE Superstars. "My favorite wrestlers are The Macho Man, The Rock, Billy Gunn, Razor Ramon."

Page says he was allowed to leave AEW and received a random phone call from WWE on a layover while traveling to an independent date in Dayton, Ohio, meaning the conversation occurred on May 17, just 11 days before his debut on "WWE NXT."

"I was like, 'This is not real,' and they were like, 'Yes it is, here's the offer,' and I was like, 'Yes,' and then they hung up," Page recounted, which led to a follow-up phone call with WWE administrative. "I was like, 'Wait a second, that was a real phone call that just happened?'"


Page pinned Je'Von Evans at Sunday's Premium Live Event, taking advantage of NXT Champion Williams being unable to follow up a running knee strike on the young rookie. It was Page's fourth match in "WWE NXT" since his May debut.

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