Bully Ray Breaks Down WWE Money In The Bank WHW Title Match Controversy

Money in the Bank was yet another eventful PLE from WWE, but it was also a controversial one thanks to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Damian Priest and Seth Rollins. The controversy didn't even come from Drew McIntyre's Money in the Bank cash in, and CM Punk subsequently screwing McIntyre; instead, it was due to the ref failing to count three on a pinfall attempt by Rollins, even though Priest's shoulders were down and he failed to kick out.


On Monday's "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray attempted to make sense regarding what went wrong. The two-time Hall of Famer's conclusion is that Priest was knocked out by a Rollins knee prior to the pinfall, and thus was unable to kick out, pointing to Priest unnaturally wiggling his fingers during the pinfall.

"It's a very unnatural movement in the ring, and whenever something goes wrong, I look for unnatural movement in a wrestler's body," Bully said. "Does a wrestler's body go stiff? Does it contort in a weird way? I looked at Priest's eyes, and he looked away, and there was nothing there. He was out... I think Priest got knocked out for a quick second, thus why he couldn't kick out. That's the only thing that makes logical sense to me."


Bully also acknowledged the difficult situation the referee was placed in.

"So the referee obviously knows what the finish is, and knows that's not the finish right in front of him,"Bully said. "So he doesn't count the three. But once you don't count the three, you leave everybody in a very precarious and exposed position. However, the referee that knows that if he does count to three, whatever is going to happen after that has now been affected. It's a hard situation to be in."

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