CM Punk & Seth Rollins Open WWE Raw With Heated Confrontation After Money In The Bank

Fresh off his latest screwjob at the expense of Drew McIntyre, CM Punk kicked things off on "WWE Raw," addressing the Ottawa crowd and promising that McIntyre hasn't seen anything yet. Unfortunately for Punk, "The Scottish Warrior" wasn't the only one who was affected by his actions at Money in the Bank, and Seth "Freakin'" Rollins interrupted him to make sure that Punk knew just what that would mean moving forward.


Rollins recited the warning he sent Punk's way soon after his return to the company, not to stick his nose in his business, and asked why he had to go and do just that, with the loss, as per the stipulations of the match, costing Rollins any further World Heavyweight Championship opportunities so long as Damian Priest remains champion. Citing being blinded by rage of late, Punk explained that it wasn't his intent to mess things up for Rollins as well and actually apologized for the act — before nearly a complete about face in saying, "but since it's you, I can't actually be that sorry."

Just as Punk told McIntyre long ago that so long as there was air in his lungs, he'd do anything he could to keep the championship ourt of reach, Rollins made Punk a similar promise to end the segment. "I promise you this," he said. "When you are cleared, you will not even be able to say the name Drew McIntyre before I snap your arm and put you back on the shelf." He then reminded Punk that actions have consequences, dropped the mic, and walked away.