Bo Dallas Appears Backstage On WWE Raw Following Third Wyatt Sicks VHS Tape Vignette

The Wyatt Sicks continue to terrorize Chad Gable, complete with a third VHS tape delivery to commentary from Nikki Cross/Abby the Witch, after Bo Dallas revealed why the stable was going after the Alpha Academy leader in a video segment with his Uncle Howdy alter ego last week on "WWE Raw." Last week, Dallas called Gable a "false prophet" who was belittling his family for his own gain. This week, the stable's front man took things a step farther, appearing on "WWE Raw" for the first time without the Uncle Howdy mask since 2019 in a backstage segment.


As Gable was fighting fellow Money in the Bank ladder match contender Jey Uso following in the first match of the night, some of the lights in the arena went out while Gable had Uso in an ankle lock. Thanks to the distraction, Uso hit a spear and got the victory, then "yeeted" to the crowd and ran back in the ramp in the dark. All the lights in the arena then went out, the jarring piano tune signaling the arrival of the Wyatt Sicks began, and smoke filled the ring with Gable still in it. Cross/Abby then rose from underneath the ring once again, and Gable followed Uso up the ramp in complete darkness while the apparation once again put the box on the commentary desk, to be played later on the show.


The story plays on...

When Michael Cole threw to the video from the commentary desk later in the night, Dallas delivered a monologue to the camera about his new family. He said he took in those that "no one wanted," the discarded and forgotten. He said he gave them a purpose.


"They are so happy you remembered them," Dallas said, as the video cut from the Firefly Funhouse characters to those who portray them behind the masks. Huskus the Pig was officially revealed to be the former Joe Gacy; Mercy the Buzzard, Dexter Lumis; Rambling Rabbit, Erick Rowan; and Abby the Witch, Nikki Cross.

"For grief is the price we pay for love," Dallas can be heard saying as the video cut between characters. "So now we must set the captives free, so they need no master."

The video of Dallas then kept cutting to show him as Uncle Howdy as he delivered the line, "Do you think we are sick?" and the over-modulated voice of Howdy from the tapes of weeks prior responded, "Yes, I do."

"Then sick is what we'll be," Dallas said.


After the video, the broadcast cut to Gable backstage with "Raw" General Manager Adam Pearce. Gable lamented to Pearce that he was being targeted by the Wyatt Sicks, to which Pearce responded, "If they're coming after you, did you stop and think why that might be?" Gable said he would deal with the Wyatt Sicks himself. Pearce turned to walk into his office, where he found Dallas waiting for him. The last thing viewers saw was Pearce walking into his office and shutting the door.