WWE NXT Star Je'Von Evans Discusses His Style & Creative Approach

"WWE NXT" is currently stacked with several young up-and-coming talents like Je'Von Evans, who made his debut on the brand in February. 

In an interview with "Under the Ring" ahead of last weekend's "NXT" Heatwave show, Evans broke down his wrestling style and what he plans to achieve in pro wrestling. When asked about his quick rise to the "NXT" main event, Evans claims he's simply been grinding. 


"And doing what I know to do and that's -– try to be the best out here. That's all I can do, and yeah, I'mma keep on doing what I gotta do. Straight like that," said the youngster.

Evans' in-ring ability has been praised by many fans, but according to the star, what he's trying to do is be different. "I get in the ring. I sit down, I just like, you know, stare at the corner. Okay, what can I do out this corner? Well, I just stare at the rope, I'm like, what can I do with this rope? And then alright, lemme try a move here real quick."

Despite his innovation, he admitted that his ideas don't often work, but it still allows him to be different. "I don't want to be similar to anybody else because then that's not gonna make me stand out." 


Evans also explained that he doesn't want his name to become synonymous with other stars and that he wants to create his legacy. Unfortunately, Evans cost Trick Williams the "NXT" Championship at Heatwave, when Ethan Page pinned him for the win in their fatal four-way for the title, which might end up being a little black spot on his wrestling legacy.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Under the Ring" and provide a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.