Jim Ross Thinks It's Likely This Former WWE Star Will Sign With AEW

Before the blockbuster jump of Cody Rhodes from AEW to WWE, the Jacksonville-based promotion seemed to be drawing scores of talent from the now Triple H-led promotion. However, with the recent departure of Ricochet, many fans think that he'll be one of the biggest jumps from WWE instead, and Jim Ross agrees.


According to the veteran in the latest "Grilling JR,"  he believes Ricochet is extraordinary and that he'll have a bright future in AEW if he signs there

"I don't know if that is etched in stone or not; I would think so. I would think that he would be all-hands-on-deck and do a great job. So, I'm a fan of his work. He's a nice kid and I wish him nothing but great success," said the Hall of Famer.

Earlier in the same podcast, JR recalled meeting Ricochet at a convention in Charlotte years ago and described him as amazingly gifted and also praised his demeanor. 

"I think at that time he was dating -– who was he dating? (...) And nice kid, he takes a lot of chances, so you got to wonder -– somewhere along the way –- is he going to take one too many?" said the AEW commentator. "He's a very polite, well-spoken young man, and I think that's what you look for in a ... in my old talent relations role, you look and see, did he ... has he matured to the level that he's willing to back off a gear and pace himself a little bit more."


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