Shawn Michaels Touts NXT Star For WWE Main Roster Success

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels has the challenging task of taking young talent, some of whom have never stepped foot in a wrestling ring before, and transforming them into performers ready for the WWE main roster. Many of the current members of the "WWE NXT" line-up have impressed fans over the past year, with one star in particular getting special attention. During the recent media call to promote the Heatwave Premium Live Event, Michaels was asked how close he thinks Lola Vice is to being a main roster WWE Superstar.


"I just feel that Lola is one of those people that does have all the ability, all the tools there, again, I think to be a main roster star," Michaels said. "But she's still very new, very young, and I would love ... she's one of those people that I guess you say is so special you can see those things in her that, again, would cause someone to say 'she's main roster material.' I would just like to get her as best equipped as we can that she goes to that main roster, she thrives on that main roster. I guess that's the difference for me maybe wanting to take a little longer with people than what other people might want to take when they could just get them moved on to the main roster."

Michaels explained that while some talents will be 'main roster ready,' he believes he should always aim higher when molding "NXT" stars into main roster performers. He doesn't just want people to go the main roster to simply exist, he wants them to go there and be difference makers, hence why certain people stay in "NXT" longer than others.


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