WWE Star John Cena Addresses Possible Heel Turn

While 2024 has already been a record-setting year for WWE, what the company has in store for 2025 is already getting people talking, as it has been confirmed John Cena will be retiring from action at the end of next year. Cena announced at Money in the Bank 2024 that 2025 will be his final year as a WWE Superstar, having already teased retirement in recent years. During the Money in the Bank post-show press conference, Cena was asked if he might embrace a darker side of himself, but it seems that isn't something he is interested in.


"I think by now after, what? 22 years? I know you'll see me ... but you won't see me? You will get my authentic self, and moments of frustration, and moments of disappointment, and I can't remember the last time I won a match, I'm on a little bit of slump," Cena said. "So I guess I don't think in those terms. What I do know is that I really try to work hard today, everyday, to be as good a human being as I can, so I don't know how much impact that would have, because that goes heavily against what I value you know? I think our fans would see through it. Our fans are so ... they have a great — pardon my French, a great bulls**t meter."

Cena explained that he doesn't know the details of what matches he will be in or who he will be feuding with, but what he does know is that in his final year as a WWE star, he will try to make it as joyous as possible for both himself and the fans, making a lot more memories along the way as he rides off into the sunset.


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